Chevrolet EN V 2.0

There General Motors launch the Chevrolet EN-V 2.0, defined by many as the car of the future. A revolutionary two-seater car electric small size, especially designed for the problems of urban mobility in terms of space and emissionsElectric Networked Vehicle, this is the name of the concept with unusual shapes.

Chevrolet EN V 2.0. Revolutionary
The car is capable of operating in two different modes, the manual one, which allows the driver to drive the vehicle like any other car zero emissions and the automatic one, where driving will be managed by the computerized system the car is equipped with.

Chevrolet EN V 2.0. Eco friendly
ThereChevrolet EN-V 2.0 is equipped with a smallphotovoltaic panel integrated on the roof, which allows to derivesolar power useful for recharging the battery, thus allowing you to move easily around the city using renewable energy sources and having a zero environmental impact. Such a small and light vehicle, it also recharges in real time
Chevrolet EN V 2.0. Technological
The car is equipped with wireless communication and GPS navigator: it allows the creation of a "social networkWhich can be used by drivers and passengers to communicate with friends or colleagues while traveling. As if traveling in a four-wheeled home, or in a personal office, eternally connected.

The concept EN-V 2.0 do not forget the facilities with air conditioning and a space for stowing personal items. It is also able to work in any climatic situation and on any urban road. Before arriving on the market, this electric vehicle he will have to go through a long distance, however tests designed to verify the reliability of the car are already planned.

Video: CHEVROLET EN-V (October 2020).