Energy saving

Microsoft becomes Carbon Neutral

It is all ready, Microsoft is about to become carbon neutral, its “zero CO2” operation will begin on July 1st. Greenpeace can only be happy!

Google and Facebook are good allies of Greenpeace, they fight for energy efficiency and aim for renewable but it seems they are not doing enough, at least not what the is about to do Microsoft with his step that leaves no one ecological footprint.

With its breakthrough carbon neutral the colossus Microsoft it will come into the graces of Greenpeace and all environmental groups. Microsoft currently covers 46% of its total energy needs with renewable energy but the company has promised that starting July 1st it will become totally carbon neutral.

There Microsoft emphasizes that his commitment carbon neutral it will only involve its direct actions, which means that it will be able to continue to commission work from third-party, less virtuous companies. However, all of its data centers, software development labs, buildings and offices will satisfy their thirst for electricity by clean energies.

Maybe for the Microsoft such a step is not that difficult, especially if we consider company turnover, however this change could force the competition to take a more eco-friendly attitude. We await the next move from the heart of Silicon Valley: what mom will do Apple?

Video: Cows, Carbon and Climate. Joel Salatin. TEDxCharlottesville (October 2020).