Wind power

Anti-wind campaigns, a multinational conspiracy?

They destroy the landscape assets, kill the birds and increase the global warming. These are the accusations made against thewind energy but there are those who say exactly the opposite. According to authoritative rumors it would be a plot to favor the sources of coal fuel.

There is no peace for the wind farms, new research would show how the wind farms increase the phenomenon of global warming. According to a statement reported by DeSmogBlog and also by the famous British voice of The Guardian, it would be a US plot to bring down investments inwind energy and keep those moles up fossil fuels.


The introduction. We know that wind energy is the cheapest source of power renewable. Each kilowatt hour can be paid from 5 to 7 cents and with targeted investments thewind power could do a lot. Already in Scotland and Denmark with thewind energy it meets the electricity needs of a good portion of the population. In Sardinia, thanks to wind farms many citizens will not have to pay the IMU. There are many benefits thatwind power manages to bring to the environment but the accusations that this sector receives are equally numerous.

According to the report published by DeSmogBlog it would be a real conspiracy. The anti-wind propaganda would be piloted by US industries to safeguard the interests of the fossil fuels. This campaign would aim to plagiarize public opinion and dissuade some investors.

L'wind energy has been accused of defacing the landscape and having a negative impact on birdlife. Regarding the impact on landscape assets it is difficult to express, the question is very subjective and we have extensively talked about it by showing you an accurate photo gallery that portrays some of the Italian wind farms. The avifauna discourse was addressed by British researchers. The links follow:

Wind power, no impact on birdlife
Wind farms and landscape impact

A new study has recently been drawn up which affirms the harmfulness of wind farms by linking them to the phenomenon of global warming. Why would this be a conspiracy? According to these allegations, the studies proposed by NREL, have analyzed obsolete turbines, produced even in 1970 with a minimum capacity of 250 kW when currently the production capacity is about 2 MW.

Research teams allegedly conducted such studies to skew the results. The prosecution asks the National Renewable ENergy Laboratory (NREL), reference point of the USA on renewable energies, to repeat the study by analyzing the current technologies put in place.


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