European funding for eco-sustainable projects

Entrepreneurs from all over Italy can apply for financing to launch your project on the market green. Despite the crisis, that of the green economy it is a fast growing sector and the EU also wants to invest in it. The European Commission is looking for proposals and projects eco-innovative which will be supported by economic subsidies of 34.8 million euros.

European companies and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to receive financing to bring to the market eco-innovative products, techniques, services and processes aimed at reducing the environmental impact or preventing it or enhancing the resources offered by mother earth.

The invitation of the European Commission it is aimed above all at Small and Medium Enterprises that have a green project but they don't have the economic strength to support it. Anyone who has something to offer ecological and innovative can apply for i financing. The deadline for submitting your proposal is 6 September 2012. In all, the European Commission will be able to fund about 50 projects centered on five priority areas ranging from recycling to construction.

  1. recycling of materials
  2. water resources
  3. sustainable products for construction
  4. green businesses
  5. food and beverage sector

Recall that i European funding they have already given rise to numerous projects green, among these we point out the transformation of old televisions into tiles, new mechanisms for separate collection, the development of a technique for recycling fabrics and the spread of ecological packaging for milk.

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