Facilities for farmers who protect biodiversity

The preservation of the biodiversity and of ecosystems it is one of the priorities of the European Parliament. The loss of the biodiversity costs the EU coffers 450 billion euros a year. In this regard, a series of reforms of the agricultural policies and fishing.

The parliamentarian Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy has drawn up a solution strategy and states: “According to economists, 3% of GDP is lost every year due to the loss of biodiversity. This costs the EU 450 billion euros a year. Compared to these figures, investing 5.8 billion euros a year in the Natura 2000 project is a bargain ".

The new Pac (Common Agricultural Policy) will not only be aimed at guaranteeing food security and rural development, but farmers will have to aim at the preservation of biodiversity. There Pac it should reward the farmers who use more environmentally friendly production techniques.

The key points for the payments of the Pac there are two: protection of the biodiversity and protection of ecosystems, including bird habitats, the protection of water resources and a more thoughtful use of pesticides.

By 2020, on-site inspections will be intensified to ensure compliance with the environmental standards. Furthermore, all economic subsidies that they risk causing damage to the environment they should be identified and eliminated by 2020.

The purposes of the European Parliament are noble but it is true that it will be difficult to develop tailor-made financial instruments to safeguard the biodiversity and in Italy it will be equally difficult to guarantee controls and inspections that comply with the required Standards. Italian MEP Andrea Zanoni says he is optimistic that the application of the new Pac can finally start aagriculture concretely sustainable.

"With the approval of the report, we underlined the need for greater EU commitment to stop the loss of biodiversity by 2020. The most urgent measures include finally sustainable fishing and agriculture, and the stop to the indiscriminate exploitation of forests and land»

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