Photovoltaics, record figures in Italy

In 2011 our country reached the first place for installed power and also in 2012 the race continues photovoltaic with a cumulative power of 13,160 megawatts which adding to the other sources of renewable energy guarantee a production of 41.3 gigawatts of power.

Over the past 10 years we have seen an increase in renewable by 125%, a boom that sees the name of the photovoltaic. In 2000, large and small dams were observed in Italy, ten years ago, the only clean energy resource that the nation exploited was thehydroelectric with a production of 18 gigawatts of power, today the scenario has changed. Italy invests heavily insolar power so much so that it becomes the first country in the world by power photovoltaic connected to the electricity grid, ahead of Germany.

Germany retains the record for cumulative power with a production of clean energy from photovoltaics equal to 24,700 Mw, despite this gap, Italy can win the world record because the annual photovoltaic power of our country, in 2011, represented more than 33% of the entire world market!

The boot has over 340 thousand photovoltaic systems with an estimated electricity production today at about 11 terawatt hours / year. The surge is clear when we consider that just 5 years ago, photovoltaic electricity production was 0.039 twh. The renewable have changed the logic of the energy market, which is why the highest peak in the price of electricity has shifted to the evening hours: during the day, the energy needs of the nation are provided by solar panels and, in part, thewind energy.

From Solar Expo comes new promising data. The director of the GSE operating division, Gerardo Montanino, reported some extreme cases in which the photovoltaic Italian managed to satisfy 96% of energy needs or even to bring the energy sold on the Power Exchange to zero. The data refer to a few hours of the days of 2 and 3 May. Again, on April 9, the renewable Sicilians, in the early afternoon, came to cover 96% of energy demand.

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