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Tour of Italy by bike

Do you have plans for Friday 11 May? Yup? Well! Go to your appointments with your bicycle and make your city more virtuous! The Bike tour of Italy is now in its second edition. In this championship it will not be necessary to pedal fast but it will be essential to be many to do so. The pink jersey will not go to the best cyclist but to the most virtuous town hall, capable of promoting one sustainable mobility.

A challenge between the most committed Italian cities to promote urban cycling and this time the pink jersey will be awarded to the municipalities with the most cyclists in circulation. The Tour of Italy is the event organized by the Municipalities with Legambiente, Fairy tale is City by Bike. The challenge on the pedals will be held on Friday 11 May in 26 Italian cities.

There bicycle it's an underrated medium! With the Bike tour of Italy, it will be possible to demonstrate that in Italian cities bicycles can satisfy a large slice of the population by responding to the demand for urban mobility. The bicycle can play an important role in daily commuting such as the journey home-school or home-work.

It is for this reason that on 11 May the judges of the Città in Bici, Fiab and Legambiente associations, together with the administrations, will carry out a detailed monitoring of the vehicles used to move around urban centers.

The second Italian championship of urban cycling take place in three days, dedicated respectively to large, medium and small cities and each group (or day!) will have its winner. Which are the 26 participating cities?

1st Group, includes the large cities of Italy, such as Milan, Turin, Genoa, Venice, Verona, Florence, Bologna, Rome and Bari.
2nd Group, the medium-sized cities, with over 100 thousand inhabitants with Trento, Padua, Vicenza, Ferrara, Modena, Ravenna, Brescia, Reggio Emilia.
3rd Group, the smaller cities such as Pordenone, Pesaro, Udine, Schio, Lodi, Carpi, Pisa, Grosseto and Saronno.

The three winning municipalities will take home there aluminum bicycle! This is not a symbolic plate but a real bicycle built entirely from recycled aluminum and made available by Sorgenia.

Video: Sicily Bike Tour Video. Backroads (October 2020).