Bio Building

Sustainable architecture in Canada

When it comes to sustainable architecture we often find ourselves in front of contemporary masterpieces. Homes with an impeccable, original, sometimes minimalist or even extravagant style. This is the turn of the Bridge Studios an architectural composition worthy of praise.

To date we have seen various masterpieces of sustainable architecture noteworthy:

  • Nick Santy's £ 2.5 million English home
  • The ecological home in the heart of Seattle
  • Ignacia, by Gonzalo Viviani
  • The state school of Parma
  • and many others!

But these by the Norwegian architectural firm is an incomparable work. The structure takes on an almost abstract style that seems to fit perfectly into the landscape. It is surrounded by a sparse landscape and thearchitecture it seems devoid of any sense or functionality.


As you get closer, you realize that this is not the case, it is a studio that stands on a poten suspended over a pool of water. The style is purely minimalist, the interiors welcome the guest with a wood stove, overhead lamps, a blackboard, shelves and other gadgets of the sector, everything that can be used by a designer, that's why it's called Bridge Studios.

The designer's desk overlooks the lake through a large window that allows natural light to enter and guarantees maximum ventilation during hot weather. Furthermore, the landscape provides the right inspiration for the artist at work! The Bridge Studios it is supported by four pillars connected by a bridge of almost 5 meters adjacent to the expanse of water. The entrance and the window reflect the surrounding landscape, so much so that approaching the structure, it seems that it is almost transparent.

This example of sustainable architecture it sports an ultra modern style even if it is inspired by the classic Terranova buildings of the fishing sector. A kit could not be missing forrenewable energy, adjacent to the Bridge Studios a small complex of photovoltaic panels is located.


Video: 80. Net-Zero Evolution - The secret is to keep it ridiculously simple (October 2020).