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The first electric motorcycle track was inaugurated

In the United States, a very green track has opened its doors that opens its doors only to electric two wheels. The moto cross it is a sport loved by many, mainly by males… and if it were practiced without it CO2 emissions?

The bikes we use on the roads or for races are powered by fossil fuels and this causes strong CO2 emissions. The future of automobiles is already taking a turn towards i electric vehicles, now we have to wait to see if the same turn will be taken by the motorcycle sector, the conditions are all there, especially with the advent of the motorcycle for the two electric wheels.


The first runway was inaugurated in the United States motorcycle fully electric, without a drop of added petrol! There Dark Green Motorsports, in Penrose, North Carolina. The track was opened to the public last October and was designed with the support of the experienced MotoX riders.

The location was chosen for the setting "clean " involving pilots and spectators, uncemented expanses and green mountains are the masters in the landscapes that surround the track. Here the riders can ride theirs electric motorcycles and wander through the ad hoc paths.

Who doesn't have one electric motorcycle can rent it while those who want to get closer to the motorcycle world can book test lessons. The Dark Green structure can accommodate eight riders per race and the bikes available are extremely easy to ride.

The models available for hire are the MX Zero which guarantee an autonomy of at least one hour! They do not have any particular gears, just accelerate and brake if necessary, they ride like bicycles but do not have pedals.


Video: Electric MX Bike Makes Professional Debut at Red Bull Straight Rhythm. Moto Spy Supercross (October 2020).