Ecoincentives 2012 for electric scooters

In Italy eco-incentives are foreseen for the purchase of ecological cars but for now they are only good intentions, concretely there are only the eco-incentives for the purchase of motorcycles e electric scooters, fresh arrived from the Italian State.

Among the maneuvers that Monti should have made, incentives of up to € 5,000 for 2012 were envisaged, up to € 3,000 for 2013, up to € 2,000 for 2014 and up to € 1,000 for 2015. At least these were the intentions stated by the Minister Clini.

Today who decides to buy one of the electric cars present in Italy, can only rely on the incentives of private promotional campaigns, offered by the car manufacturers themselves.

Similar discourse on the purchase of methane or LPG cars, although, on this front, some municipalities have equipped themselves to encourage the purchase of gas systems ready to be equipped on non-new cars.

Hence the current situation for eco-incentives sees:
- eco-incentives for the installation and disposal of eternity
- the total lack of state eco-incentives on car scrapping for both electric and LPG / methane cars
- the presence of municipal eco-incentives for the purchase of gas systems to be equipped on your car
- the presence of eco-incentives for the purchase of class A appliances
eco-incentives for the purchase of electric scooters which do not provide state subsidies for the purchase of one electric scooter but only benefits on insurance policies and other taxes

What do the eco-incentives for electric scooters?
Stamp exemption for the first 5 years
50% reduction in third party liability insurance policies for electric motorcycles and scooters

Urban vehicles such as the very Italian Birò should also fall into this category. For purchase incentives, we cite the eco-friendly initiative of the city of Bologna which encourages the purchase of the ECO2 Electric Scooter.

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