How to use the barbecue

Between anniversaries, long weekends, holidays and good weather, the opportunity is right to go out and stay in the fresh air. The climate encourages the use of open spaces to organize parties, dinners and picnics, therefore the use of barbecue it is now a ritual.

A picnic with barbeque will only increase the pleasure of being outdoors. And always remember, organize yours barbecue outdoors safely and only in the equipped areas. In short, we invite you to pay particular attention to your safety and environmental protection, in any case the rules for responsible grilling are few, we remind you of some:

  • Never use alcohol, petrol or naphtha to light the flame in charcoal barbecues; it is better to use specific products recommended by the manufacturer or help yourself with dry twigs or newspaper.
  • Avoid using the lighter for gas barbecues
  • Place the tool in a stable manner and therefore protected from any gusts of wind.
  • Do not place the barbecue near walls and plants.
  • Never leave gas lighters near the embers.
  • Always use oven gloves.
  • Avoid the use of synthetic and fluttering clothing.
  • Use special utensils to arrange food on the grill: common cutlery is to be strictly avoided

For the charcoal barbecue: cook the food only when the flames are alive and when a bed of embers has been created on the bottom of the grill.

  • Never extinguish with water: the brazier could be damaged. We make sure that it turns off naturally.
  • Do not light the fire when a strong wind blows: the sparks could cause a fire;
  • prefer charcoal to wood
  • last rule but the most important one: keep children away and keep a bucket of water or a small fire extinguisher close at hand.

Video: Best tips for cooking on a gas BBQ (October 2020).