The egg in the diet

In Mediterranean cuisine there is certainly no shortage of eggs: bread, pasta, cutlets etc. And certainly not even the English know how to do without it since they eat eggs even for breakfast. But if we want to do the diet?

Many are convinced that eggs are excessively fattening or even that too many proteins contained in the egg are harmful to the body. On the contrary, eggs should never be missing in one dietary nutrition: not only promote weight loss, but also have very important nutritional values. They only contain 65 calories.

The proteins present in eggs are higher than those found in meat, fish and milk. Contains various minerals, phospholipids and minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium.

A dinner, for example, with two eggs equals 130 calories for the body and ensures a proper nutritional intake of proteins and vitamins. For a complete dinner we recommend the integration of greens or vegetables.

But how many eggs to hire?
The egg, if it is fresh and if you lead an active life, does not hurt. the reason why many doctors and dieticians recommend a maximum of a couple a week does not depend on an actual danger, but on the fact that the egg is taken in different forms and in many preparations together with other foods: pastry, mayonnaise, pasta , casseroles, etc.

We can take up to five cooked eggs per week and in the different variants: fried (in a non-stick pan), baked, soft-boiled, scrambled, hard-boiled, poached, baked, etc.

The important thing is to avoid frying and seasoning them very sparingly and for those suffering from cholesterol, no yolk! The only drawback of this extraordinary food is that the egg yolk contains cholesterol.

It would be advisable for those who suffer from hypercholesterolemia to limit themselves to eating only egg white or perhaps reduce their weekly consumption. however, it must be borne in mind that not all cholesterol taken through food is absorbed by the body and that the egg contains lecithin, which has a strong anti-cholesterol action.

Some advices.
For cooking in water, we recommend boiling a drop of vinegar together with the water: it serves to coagulate the egg white in case cracks form in the shell.
To find out if an egg is fresh or not, put it in water: if it floats, it means that it was laid more than 6 weeks ago.

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