Vicarello Castle, Tuscany, Italy

It has been selected several times among the 101 best hotels in the world, in 2011 it won the title of "Best spas in the world Traveler UK" and is the Vicarello Castle, an all-Italian accommodation facility in Maremma, Tuscany.

The Vicarello Castle it is imbued with a fairy atmosphere, the classic setting that can be found in a novel so much that it seems almost too good to be true. The Vicarello Castle is real and also has a long history behind it: built in 1100, on a hill overlooking the Maremma countryside in southern Tuscany.


About 50 years ago, the Vicarello Castle, it was just an abandoned ruin. It was the Baccheschi Berti family who saw great potential in that ruin, a resource that in recent years has done nothing but collect awards and nominations. The Vicarello Castle opened to the public in 2003, the ruin has retained its magical atmosphere but in the meantime has become an exquisitely classy structure.

Class and luxury, al Vicarello Castle they are rediscovered with simplicity and harmony, from furnishings to fabrics. For example, the beds are adorned with Italian linen sheets, the furnishings are handcrafted but the structure cannot be defined as rustic: a mix of antiques combine with modern design with a surprisingly harmonious and pleasant result.

The castle is surrounded by immense gardens with two outdoor swimming pools, vineyards, olive groves, not to mention the beautiful spa that promises relaxation and pleasure.


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