Wooden stools

What are you looking for in one stool? Simplicity? Comfort? Style? Innovation?
For furnish home, furniture and accessories that are light and not bulky are often sought. This is the case of wooden stools proposed by the line Trizin: lightness, simplicity and elegance. Minimalist design, durable structure and comfort for a result that is also very beautiful to look at.


The wooden stools are designed by Michael Blumenfeld. In the opening we talked about "innovation", the innovation of wooden stools proposed by Michael Blumenfeld is not found in minimalist design, but in the construction technique.

The construction system is a process that involves three types of interlocking. Trizin Stool is a line consisting of four wooden stools, two with round seat, one stool square and one rectangular. Each geometric shape will use one of the three types of interlocking.

The line of wooden stools it stands out for its deformations, the elegant curves that characterize its surface. The curve is obtained in a natural way, simply by exploiting the joints. Every "leg" of the stool it carries a wedge which is forcibly fixed between the upper ends of the wedge stool, so a smooth wooden table turns into one stool with an innovative design. To better understand the production technique, the photo gallery is available.

The joint and the minimalist design make the line Trizin Stool a good ally of the environment: thanks to the joint, no chemical glues or other types of glue are used to make the wood more rigid or resistant. The designer is from Tel Aviv but already had the opportunity to make himself known in Italy on the occasion of Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Stool, beautiful but uncomfortable?
The stool it is not a seat famous for its comfort but probably the line of seats Trizin Stool it could be distinguished in ergonomics. The deformations of the wood are not random and could make it stool more comfortable and smooth.

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