Electric bike by Opel

It seems they build bicycles is the passion of all car manufacturers, here comes yet another eBike, this time it was born from the collaboration between the company Opel, leader in the automotive sector, and the design team of the Kiska company which stands out for its unmistakable customer portfolio.


The design and production of innovative bikes is a growing phenomenon, closely linked to the spread of an ecological awareness and a greener lifestyle. Car manufacturers do not neglect the environment and offer electric vehicles and ... also electric bikes and not. We have already seen it with:

  • Smart eBike
  • Mini bicycle, tailored for the Mini Cooper
  • Fiat Pop bicycle
  • Peugeot bicycle

Today is the turn ofOpel with its RAD-e, the electric bicycle that stands out for style and performance. This is the first eBike which, in the production process, uses the same techniques for the design of cars.

There Opel electric bike it is equipped with a 250 Watt electric motor, powered by a lithium ion battery that provides a range of up to 140 km. The frame plays a fundamental role not only because it constitutes the backbone of the bicycle but above all because it houses the battery.


The bike RAD-e it has a dynamic and sporty character and has been designed to minimize maintenance requirements. Among the various designs by eBike seen so far, this one of the Opel RAD-e seems to be the most reasonable. We do not know when it will be launched on the market but the details on its production process make us very confident and give us hope for a short time and more accessible prices.

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