Bio Building

Ecological house, an example of Built Green

Let's talk about the "Backyard House", a real jewel ofsustainable building. It stands on a hill in the heart of Seattle, in Elliott Bay and overlooks the city from above with its own architecture breathtaking and with its modern low design environmental impact.

It was designed by Thomas Schaer of Shed Built and can be called an example of built green complete with environmental and low social impact certifications. There Backyard House it stands out for the materials used but above all for the strategic architecture that ensures high energy efficiency.


The large windows provide for the light requirement. They are built to ensure maximum sun exposure and in some rooms they replace the walls. Thanks to the large windows, the need to consume electricity for lighting is reduced to a minimum;

in a similar way, the amount of energy intended for heating will also be reduced to a minimum, thanks to the walls, high thermal insulation is guaranteed so as to favor a warm environment in winter and cool in summer.

Seattle is famous for its rainy days and extremely impressive night views. Who will be the lucky one who will enjoy the view of the city while sitting comfortably on the sofa in the living room? Maybe in front of a large window that can beat the resolution of any full hd TV!

Not only large windows and insulating walls, the Backyard House has a lot more to offer and not just in terms of built green: the terrace is so large that it can be compared to a small square where you can organize parties and receptions, or for the more "green " set up a vegetable garden to cultivate the dishes to bring to the table!


Video: Incredible Eco-Village Built with Reclaimed Material (October 2020).