Blue Stamp 2012

While Monti unravels among the blue car of parliamentarians, we mere mortals have to deal with the blue stamp which from this 2012 adds a new obligation concerning i exhaust gas. The goal is to have less polluted air.

From this April a law relating to the controls of exhaust gas of motor vehicles and motor vehicles. From today, at the time of the periodic overhaul, it will be mandatory to check the fuel and exhaust devices of motor vehicles and motorcycles. This obligation applies to all vehicles, petrol, diesel, methane and LPG. Since the law came into force only from this April, those who have just bought a car will have to wait for the classic vehicle inspection, in other words the obligation will start after four years of purchase (from the first inspection) and subsequently every two years (with subsequent revisions).

What changes for the motorist?
At the time of the overhaul, the dealer will have to issue a certificate showing the vehicle's exhaust emission values. This certification must be kept on board the car and shown in the event of an inspection. To testify that the vehicle is fit for circulation and has been checked, the so-called "Blue sticker", a sticker to be applied to the vehicle windscreen.

They are exempt:

  • motor vehicles of the type approved pursuant to Community Directive 91/441 and subsequent updates;
  • vintage vehicles and vehicles of historical and collecting interest as identified by art. 60 of Legislative Decree 285/92;
  • zero emission vehicles;
  • vehicles of the Armed Forces (Article 138 of Legislative Decree no. 285/92 "New Highway Code").

To date, not all municipalities in Italy have adhered to the ordinance for the mandatory control of exhaust gas. Every citizen must inquire at his / her municipality of residence. The localities that have joined the campaign "Blue stamp"Are numerous, many details can be discovered directly on the web portals of the municipalities of residence. Below, we cite as an example, some of the locations that adhere to the initiative "blue stamp ".

  • Municipality of Reggio Emilia
  • Province of Modena
  • Municipality of Bologna
  • Province of Ferrara
  • Province of Ravenna - municipalities of Ravenna, Faenza, Castel Bolognese-
  • Province of Rimini
  • Municipality of Forlì
  • the municipality of Naples
  • Province of Treviso
  • Rome capital city

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