The Bikes 2.0

We called them that because they are innovative and surprising. It is about bicycles avant-garde that go beyond our imaginations. Technologies are changing the way we live and the world of pedals is also changing.


What can be innovative about one bicycle? At most the shimano gear if we talk about the bicycle that we parked in our garage, but things change if we take a look at what the market already offers us and what are the plans for the future. What have we already seen for now?

Just click on the names of the bikes to look at the photos and get more details.

  • The handcrafted ash wood bike, expensive but worth it for experts in the sector. (Already on sale)
  • The bicibus, a pedal carriage to take the children to school. (Already on sale)
  • X-9 Nighthwk, the military bicycle: invisible and light as a bottle of water. (Prototype)
  • The fastest electric bike in the world, very expensive and illegal! (Already on sale)
  • Peugeot DL122 bicycle, elegant as only Peugeot can be. (Prototype)
  • Fiat POP bicycle, Italian design in the world. (Already on sale)
  • Gucci bicycle, luxurious, foldable and… expensive! (Already on sale)
  • VeloChic, the bicycle for demanding women who love shopping (Prototype)
  • eBike, the expensive but long-awaited Smart bicycle, available from this summer.
  • Bicycle equipped as a radio studio for reporting throughout Italy.

Do you think you have seen it all? You are very wrong! There are bicycles that focus on symmetry, others on aerodynamics and others that are based on the practice of origami. It happens with the designer Morltz Menacher who has created an ultra light bicycle,recyclable because it uses aluminum. The bicycle frame is built using the principles of origami, an aluminum sheet is folded over and over until the final skeleton is built, that of a bicycle (photo above).

The principle of the designer's bike is different Jose Hurtado which uses the principle of symmetry to build a decomposable bicycle. Each component can be easily removed for repair, transport or storage. Being a modular bicycle, or rather s-modular, it will be possible to customize it and develop real twists. These and other bicycles can be appreciated in the photo gallery dedicated to what we call the "Bike 2.0“, Innovative and technological.


Video: 2020 Ibis Ripmo V2: Carbon AF. First Look u0026 Ride (October 2020).