Electric cars on the market in Italy

L'electric car undoubtedly represents the future of sustainable mobility so as to ensure a reduction in air pollution related to transport. The spread of electric cars in Italy it is closely connected to the spread of charging stations, state eco-incentives and models currently available on the market.

Before analyzing what the electric cars available in Italy, let's take stock of the favorable points and contraindications of these cars.


Advantages of the electric car.

  • The use of traditional petroleum-derived fuels such as petrol and diesel is completely eliminated.
  • The ever-increasing availability of battery charging stations and their technological evolution will lead to a reduction in charging costs and logistical difficulties.
  • The use of electricity reduces consumption costs per km by about 15-25 percent compared to traditional fuels.
  • The decrease in oil consumption will decrease dependence on foreign countries.
  • The abatement of greenhouse gases while the car is in circulation will help the environment
  • Lower maintenance costs of electric motors compared to combustible ones.

Disadvantages of the electric car.

  • The lithium-ion batteries allow a range of up to 250-300 km.
  • Battery charging times
  • Batteries are still very expensive and bulky.
  • There are still few charging stations making it difficult to recharge the electric car quickly and efficiently.
  • It is not yet possible for everyone to recharge their car directly from the domestic electricity network for technical and cost reasons.

Here are the proposals currently available in Italy.

Renault Fluence Z.E
The electric version of the French “world car”, a model that fits into the mid-range of the market. It costs 27,200 euros (full price, excluding incentives) and is equipped with a 90 hp electric motor powered by a series of lydium ion batteries. It manages to reach the speed of 140 km / h with a range of 130 kilometers.

Citroen C-Zero
Citycar equipped with the same 67 horsepower engine as the “cousin” iOn. It costs 28,231 euros (incentive excluded). Maximum speed is 130 km / h with a range of 150 kilometers

Peugeot iOn
67-horsepower electric citycar offered from € 28,318. It reaches a speed of 130 km / h and a range of 150 kilometers.

Mitsubishi iMiEV
Proposed by the Japanese manufacturer starting from 36,803 euros. 67 horsepower electric motor with a 16 kWh lithium battery, which guarantees a range of 100 kilometers.

Nissan Leaf
Voted Car of the Year 2011 in Japan. It costs 38,500 euros in the price list. It has a 109 hp engine and has a range of 160 kilometers.

Chevrolet Volt
electric with extended range, has already received numerous awards including the title of car of the year. This car has a range of over five hundred kilometers of charge and is equipped with a device that extends its range. Available from 43,350 euros.

Opel Ampera
The extended-range electric, sister of the Chevrolet Volt, available from € 45,500.

Tesla Roadster
The high-performance electric sports car with 288 horsepower. It reaches a top speed of 201 km / h with a range of around 400 kilometers. In Italy it is offered at 101,821 euros.


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