Organic food

From Ikea comes the organic menu

Over the weekend, the Ikea menu goes green with ingredients from WWF oasis. Every weekend until July 29, Ikea will offer dishes prepared with Organic products of the "Lands of the Oasis". A organic menu, will it be very expensive? No, a first course costs three euros.

Ikea seems increasingly motivated to acquire a green mindset! We saw it with the 3.0 sustainable home project and with its commercial stunt a renewable energy that taking advantage of sun and wind offers cheap green lamps with the Ikea Solviden line.

Today we find out in the Ikea dei organic menus. The goal of the collaboration between the Swedish giant and the WWF is to promote a more sustainable diet. In this way, in addition to protecting the environment, you can savor the delicacies obtained with natural techniques from the natural areas protected by the Panda.

There are currently five main WWF oases where the products come from:
the Regional Reserve of Lake Penne (Abruzzo), the Oasis of the Orbetello Lagoon (Tuscany), the Regional Natural Reserve of the Bosco di Vanzago (Lombardy), the Natural Reserve of Monte Arcosu (Sardinia) and the Regional Natural Reserve of the Saline of Trapani (Sicily).

This initiative, promoted by Wwf and Ikea, which will certainly be able to collect a lot of support also considering the very affordable costs. It will therefore be possible to concretely contribute to the protection of biodiversity by choosing a first course in the restaurant of the store for only three euros.

The products used to make the five first courses offered on the menu will be spelled pasta and "Lands of the Oasis”And various vegetables and cheeses from organic production. Soon, WWF will launch its new web platform called "food", Dedicated to sustainable nutrition. Inside you will find suggestions and indications for choosing natural products with a low environmental impact.

In the meantime, for a truly green diet, the WWF recommends 5 simple rules:

  • buy local and seasonal products
  • reduce meat consumption, see how to replace meat in your diet
  • do not choose endangered and small-sized fish
  • reduce food waste, find out how to reduce it
  • avoid overly processed foods rich in fat, learn to replace them in your diet

Video: Eating Orlando at Ikea with Organic Andrea (October 2020).