Salone del mobile di Milano 2012: some "green ideas"

Bicycle stools, for breakfast and off to the office, but also walls with vases and grass for natural relaxation even in your living room. The Salone del Mobile 2012 (Milan) it is full of greenery that, without any presentation or caption, peeps out almost everywhere, in the pavilions dedicated to the bathroom - there are no streams, flowers in the tubs, and sinks-flower pots - like those, larger and more popular of modern or classic design - from natural materials to explicit morphological references, everything speaks of woods, greenery, nature and the environment.

Walking through the corridors, with all this unspoken desire for greenery, one wonders: why isn't there a green section of the Salone? Why the green is everywhere, and the section would have included everything except perhaps a few makeshift gazebos or some repeat offender, who will soon be forced to capitulate. Today, everyone, each with their own ideas, their own style and their own timing of adaptation to trends, but everyone is heading towards the green. In your own home. Only true sustainable mobility is missing.

But to better appreciate some of the "Green Ideas" that I have seen you just have to look at my PHOTOS TAKEN AT THE MILAN FURNITURE FAIR.

Edited byMarta AbbĂ 

Video: Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011 - swedese (October 2020).