42 billion euro recycling

In Europe, which are the most virtuous states? If Italy is a world leader in aluminum recycling, we see that as far as waste management is concerned it is in a bad way. Examples of excellence are those countries that succeed in to recycle up to 70% of waste so as to send only a small percentage to landfill.

Italy disposes of over 3/4 of its waste in landfills. Which are the most virtuous countries in Europe?

  1. Belgium
  2. Denmark
  3. Germany
  4. Austria
  5. Sweden
  6. Netherlands

For all the other Member States there are measures from the European Commission that wants to encourage reuse policies at all costs recycling and it does so following a very simple principle: pay what you throw. The more waste is produced, the more you will have to put your hand to your wallet.

The EU provision provides for a series of taxes and bans on landfills and on incineration, accountability programs and technique pay what you throw away so as to force countries to implement policies of recycling and sustainability.

The provision of the European Commission is necessary to achieve the goal set with the "Roadmap towards the efficient use of resources". This is a plan that involves maximizing the recycling and to minimize non-recyclable waste. By 2014, in some cases, the waste recycling it may become mandatory by law.

As always happens, in these cases, we act through economic instruments and the strategy "pay what you throw"Seems to be ideal for reducing landfill storage. Member States should harness the value of waste to create industries and jobs. Not to mention the potential of those under-exploited sectors like biomass and agro-energies which in Italy could produce a business of 16 billion euros per year. The recycling it is a potential gold mine also in Italy, just think that in the EU, in 2008 alone, it had a turnover of 145 billion euros for a total of 2 million jobs. In this sector, the implementation of the EU plan could lead to an increase in turnover of 42 billion euros per year.

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