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Environment Cinema Festival

What do cinema and the environment have in common? Simple, almost 15 years of history with the CinemAmbiente Festival of Turin for the promotion of cinema and environmental culture. The Festiva annually presents about 100 films framed by shows, debates, meetings with authors, exhibitions, concerts and events throughout the territory. This is the first Festival in zero emissions.

The 15th edition of CinemAbiante Turin, the competitive sections are three and the cash prizes are four, without calculating the special mentions of Legambiente and WWF. The richest prize goes to the winner of the International Documentary Competition, immediately followed by the section Italian documentaries. There will be competitions for Short Films, open to all fictional, animated and documentary films that have been produced in the last two years.

Among the gems, we point out the Special Award "Eating City, the city that eats", An award that will be awarded to the film that will best address the issues of food, land consumption and more generally, the way of experiencing the city.

Environmental Film Festival
The environment is not just deforestation, land and water protection. Environment is man, the social and natural impact. This is the direct link between the hundred films that will take part in the fifteenth edition of the Environmental Film Festival to be held in Turin from May 32 to June 5.

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