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Pop Corn, the perfect snack

That bio send us good: there is no cinema without that characteristic smell of popcorn, those tasty grains of corn that with the heat turn into soft clouds. The news? Popcorns are also a good snack. They are good for the palate and for the body, but pay attention to cooking!

In the last meeting ofAmerican Chemical Society the attention was focused precisely on the hidden benefits in the snack for cinephiles. "If cooked well it becomes the perfect snack"Said Joe Vinson, a researcher at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, who presented the results of his study at the annual meeting. The reasons why the pop corn is a healthy food depend on several factors: the corn it is a cereal, and like all cereals it is rich in substances antioxidants.

It has a large concentration ofpolyphenols, especially in the internal part, where it exceeds the quantities found in fruit and vegetables, in addition, i pop corn, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, they help preserve the body from cardiovascular disease and various forms of cancer.

In pop corn the principles are very concentrated, this is due to their scarcity of water which represents only 4% of the weight. This is why polyphenols and fibers are present in large quantities, especially in the cuticle, that portion that you try to avoid because it gets annoyingly stuck between the teeth. The concentration of these substances is similar to that of nuts so an average portion can provide up to 300 milligrams of polyphenols, compared to 114 for the same amount of sweet corn and 160 for a portion of fresh fruit.

The benefits are not limited to polyphenols: pop corn is a 100% cereal, other products labeled as wholemeal must contain at least 51% by weight of wholemeal flours, but they almost never reach 100%.

Regarding the pop corn, the benefits are closely linked to the cooking method. To fully enjoy the benefits, pop the corn with hot air, without adding oil or other seasonings, as happens in some home machines.

THE pop corn cooked in the microwave are the worst: you have to close the corn in bags and add plenty of oil. So the calorie content doubles compared to pop corn cooked with hot air. It is a bit better for those prepared in a pan even if, in this case, i pop corn they accumulate fatty substances up to 30% of their weight.

From a nutritional point of view to prevent the pop corn become a nightmare, avoid cooking in oil and adding sweet or very salty substances, as well as those cooked in butter or industrial vegetable fats rich in saturated fats. THE pop corn, if cooked with hot air, they are the perfect snack: good on the palate and healthy for the body!

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