How to build a kite

Summer is almost upon us. What can we organize so much fun to open the summer in the best way? What's nicer than a kite to fly with your children or friends in an open place? A perfect mix to create a day dedicated to joy and well-being.

Buy a kite it can cost a little too much and it might even be a little fun! Better build a kite with our own hands, especially a week after Easter, when we can easily find paper from a chocolate egg. Surely with Easter behind us there will be some eggs or at least their wrapping! A nice idea to provide paper recycling egg could be a very colorful one kite.

Then just get some wooden sticks, nylon thread, a thin cord and biological glue.

How to build a kite
Lay out the egg paper well on a table in order to eliminate the likely creases. An idea could be to place heavy books for a few hours to iron a little.

Bring flexible wooden sticks as long as the diagonal of the quadrilateral.

Put the two sticks in a cross, joining them with the glue and the nylon thread and being careful to take the precise joining point.

With a small knife, make small cuts at the end of each stick, in order to then pass the cord through. Secure the drawstring further with glue in each notch.

Take the egg paper and apply glue along the edge of the paper and then fix it on the kite armor, i.e. along each side of the cord.

Reinforce the tips of the kite with additional glue. For each end also apply some nylon thread. The four threads will have to convey to a central node from which the kite support cord will start. To give the kite more stability, you can add 2-3 cm wide strips of paper on two sides (a sort of tail), glued or fixed with a stapler. In the presence of strong wind the kite could break, it would therefore be advisable to drill some holes so that it is crossed by the wind without difficulty.

Now thekite is ready to take flight. But not only. Yours kite becomes the testimony of creative recycling. A multicolored reuse that comes from a simple and nice gesture confirming that the surprise is not only inside the egg.

Video: How to Make a Kite (October 2020).