The Bicibus arrives

After the Milanese bi-washing, we see the bicibus, an entirely Dutch idea but which could soon spread to some places in Italy, where cycling culture is well established. Thanks to the bicibus, young and old can get to school on the pedals of a real four-wheel bus.


Looking at it, it looks like the modern version of the Ancestors' car. It is zero emissions and certainly contrasts obesity which, especially in Italy, is rampant among children: the regions of Southern Italy, such as Campania, record high rates of childhood obesity and bicibus in addition to being an excellent ecological alternative to cars, it also guarantees the physical activity a child needs to persevere in healthy development.

The bicibus it will revolutionize the transport system for young people and students, it helps the environment and physical health, and it is also much cheaper than the classic bus since it does not need fuel to move but only muscle strength. The bicibus is a sort of multi-pedal rickshaw, the one inaugurated in the Netherlands can accommodate up to 12 passengers and is intended for children between the ages of 4 and 11.

The passengers, all together, cycle to school or home at the end of the lessons. The novelty was inaugurated in the Netherlands where the bicycle it is the means of transport par excellence. The students pedal backpacking to ensure the journey home-school, school-home, certain of returning home having also disposed of the classic snack of the break time.

The bicibus it is produced by the Tolkamp Mataalspecials company and immediately enjoyed success in Belgium and Germany where more than 25 copies were delivered. In Italy it could become a reality only in those places where the cycle paths guarantee excellent roads, this is the case in Bolzano or Mestre. The product is marketed for a price that is around 11,500 euros.


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