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12 ways to save water

Save water it's not as simple as saving electricity, but even in this case there are strategies to be implemented. Today we offer you just 12 for save the water, an important resource for the entire globe.

1) Check the dishwasher settings, the system preset at the time of purchase is not "eco mode". Also set the eco mode, turn off the "dryer" mode and let the dishes air dry.
2) Make fewer washing machines! Only operate the washing machine when it is full, the same goes for the dishwasher, do not wash until it is completely full.
3) Wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl and not under running water.

4) Take advantage of rainwater. On the market there are containers to be placed under the gutter pipe. This will help you to recover rainwater to irrigate the garden.
5) When to water the plants? If you live in a dry and hot area, irrigate the garden and vegetable garden in the evening, if you live in a humid area, then irrigate in the morning. This is because the afternoon heat can make the water evaporate much faster, taking it away from your plants. Only water the plants when necessary.
6) Eat meals without animal protein. With a vegetarian diet you will halve your water footprint, you do not necessarily have to become vegan or vegetarian but eating less meat will help reduce water consumption. Try replacing meat in your diet with a preference for other foods.

7) Reduce the use of paper. Paper production accounts for approximately 106 billion liters of water expenditure. A way to reduce paper consumption? When you receive "junk mail", call the store that forwarded it to you and ask them to suspend the forwarding of their promotional flyers!
8) Close the tap. Seems obvious doesn't it? Too bad this does not happen when brushing your teeth or dishes, between rinses.
9) Take shorter showers. Another obvious tip but if you reduce your shower by just 30 seconds you will have saved about 3 liters of water.

10) Make your shower more ecological. I will save you 2,300 liters of water per year.
11) Check your pipes to prevent leaks.
12) Do not consume bottled water, use tap water, perhaps install a filter to make it more drinkable. To market a one-liter bottle, the manufacturer will have used about 3. Tap water is more environmentally friendly and certainly cheaper!

Video: 11 Ways To Save Water (October 2020).