Energy saving

Ecoincentives 2012 for the purchase of household appliances

Various arrangements have been made to protect the environment eco-incentives, from those for LPG and Methane up to eco-incentives for the installation of solar panels and wind turbines with the Kyoto Fund. There are also concessions for household expenses, as demonstrated by the eco-incentives 2012 for those who buy a new appliance with energy consumption reduced.

The energy consumption of an average family depends above all on the use of domestic appliances. It is precisely to reduce such consumption and spread the method of energy saving that are available eco-incentives 2012 for the purchase of Class A appliances.


On the market there are more and more electrical equipment able to guarantee a energy saving, so, who wants to buy one of these appliances, can take advantage of eco-incentives. Less polluting appliances can guarantee a energy saving by 50%, with a significant reduction in bill costs. In addition, buyers will be eligible for a 55% tax reduction.

The eco-incentives 2012 for the purchase of domestic appliances they are aimed at both individuals and businesses. Generally speaking, it can be said that the fixed discount is equal to 20% of the product price. Specifically, we see that you can have up to 130 euros discount for dishwashers and up to 80 euros of concessions for electric ovens and hobs. Discounts of 100 euros for gas cookers and up to 500 euros for air-conditioned hoods. A 400 euro discount is available for those who want to purchase heat pumps designed to supply domestic hot water needs.


These plans are designed to ensure an ever greater energy saving and everyone can access it; the incentives are aimed at anyone who purchases electrical appliances a energy saving. The conditions? If you buy a dishwasher it must not be lower than class AAA, for electric ovens the class must be at least A, while the hobs must be equipped with a energy saving FSD, while the heat pumps must be characterized by the COP 2.5 or higher device.

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