Energy manager

With the advent of the green economy, new job opportunities are opening up, new professional figures are born and older ones are relaunched. This is the case ofenergy manager, the one who aims at earning through energy saving policies.

In times of crisis, the most effective strategy to ensure a more efficient production chain is attention to waste. By reducing waste, production costs will be reduced by increasing earnings. From an energy point of view, environmental protection intentions translate into economic savings: reducing energy costs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also to ensure substantial economic savings for the company.

We have seen it with the Tellus company and its business management software for cost optimization, but we also see it with theenergy manager, a new professional figure, a professional who aims to increase company earnings by implementing efficiency and energy saving policies.

This is how we come back to hear aboutenergy manager. Again? Yes, in fact this professional figure is not so new, it was born in 1973 in conjunction with the oil crisis. Today it is talked about in conjunction with the energy crisis and the economic crisis that is gripping the entire globe.

Being a professional figure already employed in Italy, theenergy manager it is already recognized so much that, since 1992, there has been a network managed, on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development, by the Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy. The identification of energy manager is operated pursuant to Law 10 of 1991.

Video: An Introduction to the CEM Program (October 2020).