DIY electric car

The ways of "do it yourself" are truly endless, today they lead us to aelectric car. It may not be luxurious or even very beautiful, but it costs less than 2,000 euros and is aelectric car powered by solar power. The car was built by a 19-year-old student who decided to go "do it yourself" with mechanics. The result? A'electric car which looks like the old Fiat Panda but upholstered with photovoltaic modules.

A "do-it-yourself" totally atypical is the one practiced by nineteen-year-old student Zhuzhen Lin. The Japanese boy has created his solar car that to travel does not need methane or other fuels, he only needs solar power. Of course, when the sky is overcast it can always be recharged using a domestic socket. The student has thought of everything.


The car is two meters long and 1.4 meters wide and high. Brakes, accelerator, steering wheel, arrows, mirrors ... it lacks nothing, indeed, it has something more: 22 solar panels have been installed on the front hood, trunk and roof. The panels are capable of generating clean electricity to power the 12v battery located on the trunk of the car.

The car weighs around 400 kg. Its performance is not the best, in fact in Italy it is not even necessary to be of legal age to drive it. It is a mini car with a maximum speed of 40 km / h. A recharging cycle can guarantee a range of 70 km, a value destined to rise if it is a beautiful sunny day.

Zhuzhen Lin equipped his car with a 1 kW engine. The choice was made to optimize battery life. For its realization, the Japanese boy used more than 10,000 car components for a purchase price of only 15,000 yuan, about 1,800 euros for oneelectric car powered by the sun!

To build the car, most of the time was spent on welding. If any Italian student had such a project in mind, they could use the skeleton of a Fiat Panda or even better, of an old Fiat 300 and find the rest of the pieces in an old hole. This applies to everything except the solar panels and the electric motor.


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