Russian cars: the lost generation

In a snowy field, not far from Moscow, stands a automobile museum quite peculiar. When we talk about museums we imagine large rooms, guides and exhibits on display. Forget this image, the Russian one is an open-air museum that revives a generation of cars forgotten by the world.

The Russian cars exhibited on the outskirts of Tula, south of Moscow, would have been lost, forgotten, or even broken into; this, however, only if there had not been the intervention of Mikhail Krasinets. Once a rally driver and Moskovich test driver. It was he, the passionate Soviet car enthusiast, who set up a real one automobile museum open sky.

LOOK: The images of the Tula museum

The automobile museum Russian is not within everyone's reach but not for economic reasons, rather, rather because it is located in a difficult position to reach. The automobile museum by Mikhail Krasinest is located at the end of a steep path, full of holes and furrows. To reach this museum was a Land Rover off-road vehicle that had to travel along roads covered by a meter of snow during a strong storm to reach it.

The museum was, in fact, reported by the Land Rover Team and was discovered during the special expedition "Journey of Discovery". The challenge that starts from Birmingham to reach Beijing with a vehicle that adapts to all types of terrain and that travels for 8,000 miles, about 13,000 km. Jurney of Discovery runs for 50 days and there are many wonders Land Rover will encounter along its journey. Among these could not go unnoticed the automobile museum Russian. Here lie hundreds of cars. At least one example for each year of production of all major Russian buildings.

“Jurney of Discovery” is not a challenge launched by Land Rover to test its vehicles, but to raise £ 1 million in funds for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

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