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Seasonal fruit and vegetables: shopping for the month of March

Winter is running out and nature finally seems to wake up with new scents, smells, the desire to be reborn and a smiling, shy sun. Password: purify yourself!

Seasonal vegetables from March
You can still buy low-priced broccoli, turnip greens, cabbage, ribs, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and savoy cabbage. In addition, with the arrival of spring, the earth begins to be invested with the fragrant aroma of spring onions, artichokes, thistle, catalonia, watercress, fennel, endive, lettuce, leek, red radicchio, turnip, radish, salsify and scorzobianca, dandelion and valerian.

Seasonal fruit of the month of March
Along with the final aftermath of winter, enjoy the latest orange juices: in the meantime, colorful smoothies arrive with kiwi, cedar, apple, pear, banana.

The seasonal meal with the March groceries
Why not use the purifying and diuretic properties of asparagus to dispose of the winter toxins and start the spring season quicker and lighter? You can enjoy asparagus with a risotto, perhaps using brown rice or steaming it. Leek is also excellent for health thanks to its purifying properties: a salad of lettuce, valerian, spring onions and radishes to accompany an omelette with leeks will constitute a balanced meal with an irresistible aroma: do not forget to flavor everything with a pinch of wild fennel! If you live in the countryside, bring a basket and go hunting for wild asparagus: precious for reducing the stagnation of liquids in the tissues, they help fight cellulite and help circulation. To conclude, dandelion, to be enjoyed fresh in salads, or in herbal tea: it will help detoxify the body thanks to its highly diuretic properties.

Maddalena De Bernardi

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