ThinQ, the smart refrigerator

For furnish home in an intelligent way you have to start from the appliances! Thus LG presents ThinQ, a refrigerator that helps avoid waste and not only in terms of electricity costs! Helps select foods to consume, helps with shopping and acts like a perfect dietician!

As we strive to produce less food waste, keep fit and keep our metabolism active, there comes a smart refrigerator made by LG who will do all this for us. The refrigerator will arrive on the market in a few months and will be able to guarantee energy saving and cost-effective with built-in cameras, voice recognition, and iterations with smartphones and cell phones.

Among the innovations presented at CES 2012, the smart and environmentally friendly technology of the new refrigerator caused a stir ThinQ Smart of LG. The new LG household appliance uses Smart ThinQ technology to add innovative functions to its use, such as the ability to control the status of the refrigerator from a Smart TV or smartphone.

To this is added the new Home Energy Management System, which uses a smart data meter, viewable on a PC or smartphone, which shows i real consumption of the appliance by hour, day, month or year, with the related costs and even suggestions for reducing the energy expenditure and the environmental impact.

The fridge it also has a built-in dietician: just communicate your height, weight and body mass data, as well as the desired weight, and he will work to make you follow the right diet and suggest a shopping list with lots of recipes.

This mechanism will be available for the whole family and will be extremely intuitive and practical to use, since ThinQ is able to save in its memory a personalized profile for each member of the family: this profile can also be recognized thanks to a sophisticated system of Vocal recognition.

The refrigerator scans all the products inserted in it and their relative caloric intake, catalogs them in a database and thus will be able to perform a series of actions that are truly extraordinary.

Among the other fantastic functions of ThinQ we find that of instant cooling of drinks: with the blast chiller mode you can cool a bottle of wine in 8 minutes. The refrigerator is also equipped with the function Grocery Manager: a system that reports spoiled food forgotten in its compartments.

ThinQ will know the expiration date of each product contained within and will send you a message directly to your phone to inform you of the approaching expiration date. Inside the refrigerator, there is a camera that shows in real time, through the application ThinQ Smart, the contents of your refrigerator directly on your smartphone: in this way you will avoid unnecessary cards or annoying forgetfulness during the shopping. The smart refrigerator it will soon go on sale in Great Britain at a cost of £ 2,000.

Video: Connecting to Wifi and SmartThinQ App LG InstaView Refrigerator Audio Description (October 2020).