Tesla Motors, Model X

The concept of suv is distorted because a electric motor, agility and elegant design with falcon doors. This is theX Model of Tesla Motors, available on the international market by 2013.

There are many car manufacturers that are specializing in the sector of electric but to be able to show off a young and intense career is there Tesla Motors, founded in 2003 and arrived in Italy only last year. When you think of aelectric car you immediately imagine a small car, a car for the family, but this concept must change with the advent of Electric SUVs.


Car manufacturer Tesla Motors has always offered electric cars sporty, which could fit even the average family but were not designed for that. This is why the Test it has always deviated from the electric departing from the competition in both performance and aesthetics. Following the same philosophy, the Tesla Motors prepares to throw something like a suv that will upset its X range.

The electric suv Tesla is built with a lower center of gravity than any other SUV, thus allowing it to be more agile but retain power and stability on the road. It was developed with a dual-option All-Wheel Drive engine and is capable of tackling all kinds of rough terrain with maximum grip and leaving no trace.

It boasts of reaching 90 km / h in less than five seconds. Among its gems are the "Falcon", the doors that can be compared to wings, they allow you to park in very tight spaces and to comfortably get up to seven people. To better appreciate the aesthetics of the vehicle, you need to look at the photo gallery!

The front console provides all vehicle information with controllers and displays but is also an entertainment platform. L'X Model is the Tesla hybrid car capable of combining eco-sustainability, imagination, agility and elegance. The car runs entirely on battery. Not even a drop of petrol will be needed.

L'X Model it is available in both 60 kWh and 85 kWh versions. Recall that the Roadster, the Tesla electric car guaranteed, with a single charge, a range of 500 km, it will be very interesting to see what the autonomy performance offered by the X Model will be. For now, Tesla Motors has always offered models with a crescendo of performance and design.

Rumors say that the Tesla X Model will not reach $ 100,000, a price not that high if we consider that it is a 'electric car powerful and elegant. In Canada, where fuels cost much less than Italy, an average motorist spends about $ 2,300 a year on fuel, in Italy this estimate is destined to rise, especially for 2012. The estimates related to 2011 have seen a sting of 35 million euros due to expensive gasoline and, in 2012, gasoline did not touch the 2 euros like today!

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