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Perugia Flower Show, gardening on display

Do you want to be happy all your life? Become a Gardener!"This is the slogan that will open the event dedicated to gardening and to the world of botany. It is also renewed this year and reaches its fifth edition, the appointment with Perugia Flower Show, exhibition-market of rare and unusual plants that brings together the best producers of the national and international territory for the benefit of the increasingly numerous fans of the sector.

Since the first edition, the event has obtained more and more consensus and an exponential growth in requests for participation: in order to give space to all valid exhibitors, in fact, this year the Autumn edition is also introduced (22/23 September 2012) which will allow us to finally present the botanical varieties peculiar to the season.

The world of gardening of quality is a rapidly growing environment: this is because the therapeutic action and the ease with which it is possible to practice gardening and plant cultivation activities are combined with the purely aesthetic sphere that characterizes floral products, always very colorful and fascinating. , even the rarest and most unusual ones.

The organization of Perugia Flower Show it is proposed, in this general framework, to create a complete event, with the excellence of horticultural producers on one side and on the other, the most complete training offer that industry experts can offer. With a view to providing new enthusiasts with the right foundation, and to the expert public the news and more detailed information on the products, for the success of the event itself and to set constructive premises for the future.

Taking advantage of the knowledge of the exhibitors themselves, who will disseminate them to the public in a captivating and engaging way with dedicated events, workshops will be created for young and old, alongside numerous other collateral activities in order to involve as many people as possible and to keep the interest of those who already know and love the world of gardening quality.
The producers will be joined by carefully selected exhibitors, who will showcase everything that comes close to gardening. From natural essences to garden furniture, from small tools to essential clothing and everything that can be obtained from nature. Three days dedicated to green enthusiasts and curious!

Event: Perugia Flower Show
Where: Frontone Gardens
When: May 25-26-27

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