The fastest electric bike in the world

A new one was launched on the market electric bicycle but perhaps it will not be available in Italian stores because it is too fast, it is, in fact, the electric bicycle fastest in the world and could break the mobility laws provided by the European Union.

If the price of the eBike Smart has surprised you, that of the electric bicycle fastest in the world will surprise you: 5,499 euros for the Specialized Turbo, the electric bicycle preferred by Moto Guzzi. It is not as luxurious as the Gucci bicycle but it can show off high performance both in materials used and in mechanics.


Specialized Turbo was specially designed to be the electric bicycle faster than ever, however, its top speed with the assisted pedaling it reaches 45 km / h, a little too much for the limit allowed by European law because, under a 2004 EU directive, electric bikes should have a maximum assisted speed of 25 km / h. After the directive, some European nations have remedied the legislation by introducing a class of "superbike " so in countries like Germany, the bicycle Specialized Turbo can be marketed.

L'ebike has a 342 Wh lithium-ion battery, is integrated into the down tube therefore the design of theebike Turbo it does not differ much from classic conventional bicycles. Charging times for a full cycle are just two hours. The material used is carbon fiber, the standard disc brakes allow the battery to be regenerated.

Ben Delaney, marketing director of the Specialized company, said their electric bicycle not only is it the fastest in the world but also a Moto Guzzi favorite. A team of engineers has tested theebike doing several test laps on flat ground at speeds of 40km / h, which may not be legal in the US.

The handlebar of the electric bicycle Specialized Turbo is equipped with wireless technology and has a display that shows battery status, speed, distances traveled, duration and other information. Via the display it will be possible to operate the LED lights integrated in the vehicle. The price is set at 5,499 euros for one electric bicycle which looks more like an electric scooter than a simple bicycle.

During the month of April, the Specialized company will make agreements on the sales locations, there may also be dealers in Italy. A limited number of samples will be on sale in May, with a boom in sales expected next autumn.

More than one electric bicycle, the Specialized Turbo, should be considered one motorcycle with more slender dimensions and with electric motor integrated. Considering that small displacement scooters guarantee speeds of 40 km / h, the one proposed by Specialized represents the revolution ofebike, the bicycle is reconfirmed as the fastest and cleanest vehicle. In addition, the insurance costs for "superbike " are minimal and there is no obligation to use a helmet.


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