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How to get rid of parasites naturally

Eliminate parasites from your garden does not necessarily mean using chemicals. The use of chemical pesticides is strictly not recommended, especially if children play in the garden. Exist natural pesticides which are safer for human health and that of the environment. THE natural parasites they are necessary for the cultivation of an organic garden. The organic farmer, for eliminate parasites, makes use of the help of particular plants that must be grown in the garden. For those who have little space because maybe they grow on the balcony, here are some remedies for eliminate parasites in a natural way.

Parasites are those small animals that, in order to survive, destroy entire gardens, starting with sowing and ending with flowering and harvesting. Bedbugs, aphids, snails, thrips, grasshoppers and other sucking insects, are really numerous parasites that can invade your garden. Let's see what the natural remedies to eliminate parasites.

From hunters to prey.
For eliminate parasites in a natural way you can take advantage of some animals that feed on your unwanted guests. In this way the parasites will change their role, going from voracious hunter of your garden to easy prey! An idea could be that of "adopt a toad". It seems an extravagant solution but toads are fond of insects and you can build a den for them by making a hole of about 20-30 cm that you will partially cover with a stone.
Like the toad, the hedgehog and the gecko are also two big parasite eaters. Of course, having toads, hedgehogs and geckos hanging around in our garden can be a bit risky. We humans do not run the risk but their animals, for example: if you use particular fertilizers you could harm the health of the animals that are your natural pesticide, or, if you don't live in a country location, these animals could get away and get crushed under the wheel of a hybrid car, or worse, petrol!
If you decide to adopt such strategies, beware! The toad also feeds on mice and geckos, so don't release any toads and geckos in your garden that will end up harming each other. Beware of portals that recommend bird species, it's true, birds eat insects but they also feed on your seeds, then it would take a lifetime to teach them!

The infusions.
Other less risky strategies for eliminate parasites in a natural way concern the use of infusions and potions. We have already seen how macerates can help plants, just prepare them and spray them on the plants for various periods, moreover this operation can replace the classic watering.

Ready-to-use products.
These are not chemical insecticides but harmless products that can I would eliminate parasites in a natural way, therefore without polluting and above all without causing damage to the home environment. These products can be easily found in the supermarket, in the "food" section and are:
-Alcohol. We do not ask you to rub your plants, but if you dilute a few tablespoons of alcohol in a liter of water, you will get a good pesticide. Be careful not to exceed the dose of three to four tablespoons, an excess of alcohol would give rise to a herbicide deadly.
- Apple vinegar. Particularly suitable as a fungicide, it is always used diluted in water.
- Cloves. Natural repellent for volatile insects. Once you have purchased the clove extract, use several spoons for each liter of water. Make sure your extract is natural and without added alcohol otherwise you should limit yourself in the doses.
-Chili pepper. Fresh or powdered can eliminate parasites in a natural way. To use it in the form of a spray, you can create a mix of chili powder and garlic. Chilli and garlic can be liquefied and combined with a vegetable oil tea. It is important to overdo it with garlic so as to keep away not only terrestrial parasites but also flying insects.

The terrain.
For eliminate parasites in a natural way it could act directly on the soil of your garden. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powdered substance that will repel insects and other pests. It must be said that this substance can remain in the ground for decades so it can be suitable for eliminate parasites long-term. Attention, it acts only on certain types of parasites, earthworms are immune to this strategy.

Did you know that cooking oil can also be an excellent pesticide? Industrial agriculture is starting to use it, while for small amateur growers, if you are looking for it natural pesticides ready to use, already packaged for you, look at this article: "Natural Insecticides".

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