Zero impact picnic

Spring is certainly the best season for hiking and picnic. Why not take advantage of it and go out into the open air to organize an outdoor lunch a zero impact? The kitchen Vegan it's not just da stuff animal rights activists, it is also an ethical choice that can minimize the carbon footprint left by our meals. This is why we propose you picnic recipes vegan and above all, eco-friendly.

If you preferred to do a picnic preparing recipes based on sandwiches filled with cold cuts and fatty cheeses, you are in the wrong place, perhaps you prefer junk food! The picnic recipes that we propose provide simpler and lighter foods, certainly healthier. In addition to rice salads very suitable for the summer season, there are tasty and perfect first courses for a picnic basket complete with first course, second course and an excellent herbal tea.

Recipes for Picnic, vegan version, first course:
Pasta with Zucchini and tofu frankfurters.
Ingredients for two people:
clove of garlic
three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
a large zucchini
two tablespoons of soy sauce
140 g of wholemeal pasta such as fusilli or farfalle
100 g of vegetable tofu wustel
fresh thyme for spicing

Take the courgette, clean it and cut it into cubes. Cut your garlic in half and use it to flavor the olive oil placed over high heat in a pan. Add the soy sauce to the oil. Once boiling, put the courgette cubes in a pan and sauté for a few minutes. Aside, in a saucepan, cook the pasta. Remove it al dente, drain and pass it under cold water to stop cooking. Season the pasta with your zucchini, slices of vegetable sausage and thyme. Let it cool in the refrigerator and finally, place your first course in a container for transport.

Recipes for Picnic, second dish:
Soyburger with vegan sauce
If you had to struggle with the first dish, it will be much easier for the second dish. Just buy and cook a soyburger. It is an almost cholesterol-free vegan burger. Soy foods, tempeh, and seitan can often be a good alternative to meat. The soyburger will be accompanied by an excellent one vegan sauce. Follows the recipe, with ingredients and process:
a cucumber
3 tablespoons of vegetable mayonnaise
3 tablespoons of natural soy yogurt - no added sugar -
whole salt
basil leaves

Clean the cucumber and cut it into small cubes, place them in a colander and salt them just enough. Wait for 15 minutes so the cucumbers can drain the water. Rinse and dry them. In a bowl, place the diced cucumbers with the mayonnaise, yogurt and basil. Mix and store in the refrigerator. There vegan sauce with mayonnaise and yogurt it is much lighter than the classic pub mayonnaise, in fact it does not require the use of eggs, in any case, just like conventional mayonnaise, it must be placed in a thermal container until it is consumed with the soy burger.

How about bringing an iced tea pitcher with you? Strongly recommended, especially if after picnic plan a long walk or physical activity!

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