Turtle Trophy

What happens if pedestrians, two wheels and private cars compete in a race? Who among these will cross the finish line first if you move in an urban area like the center of Milan? This is what Legambiente wanted to discover with the Turtle Trophy which gave zero impact results: the fastest are cyclists who beat cars and scooters!

The Green Train of Legambiente and Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane presented the Turtle Trophy, a special race dedicated to sustainable mobility. The challenge started yesterday morning, around 10.00 and for the cyclists it ended in 11 minutes, they were the first to cross the finish line! Not only cyclists but also motorists, taxis, scooters, pedestrians and, an absolute novelty, a stroller; these are the categories present at Turtle Trophy.


Motorists proved to be the slowest and most expensive, with pedestrians and the woman with a stroller arriving later on using public transport. The competitors started from via Vigevano (Porta Genova) and arrived at Porta Garibaldi Station. At the start was present the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, Maria Grazia Guida. The arrival at Porta Genovese took place in the following order:

1) Bicycle, without transport costs and a zero impact.
2) Scooter, eight minutes late compared to bicycles, with a transport cost of € 1.08 and emitting 324 g of CO2
3) Metro, with estimated emissions of around 118 grams of CO2 per passenger and with an ATM ticket cost of € 1.50.
4) Taxi, the most expensive, with a fare of 12.50 euros and 756 g of harmful emissions
5) Private car that took 30 minutes, spent 6.83 euros and emitted 756 grams of CO2 to travel the planned route.

Representing the cyclists was a Ciclobby Milano volunteer who crossed the finish line in just 11 minutes, followed by the scooter driven by Laura Brambilla with a timing of 19 minutes. On board the subway there were pupils of the ICARE Popular School who took 21 minutes. A special applause goes to the mother with the stroller in tow, Silvia Malazzo, a volunteer of Legambiente who traveled on the subway and reached Porta Garibaldi with only a minute of deviation from the school group.

The most polluting, expensive and slower means of transport are four-wheelers with taxis and private cars, these take 30 minutes for a journey in which bicycles take 11; one more reason to use Milan's cycle paths. The success of the clean vehicles is dictated by the anti-pollution measure envisaged by the Area C project, strongly desired by the Pisapia junta following the results of the city referendum in June. Milan is not the only cycle city in Italy, on the contrary, in the ranking from the Fiab dossier, Legambiente and City by bike Milan occupies one of the last places but Area C re-evaluates the role of bicycles.

"The bicycle is confirmed as the most performing vehicle in the city - declares Damiano Di Simine, president of Legambiente Lombardia -, travel is free, commercial speed is the best over short distances, is versatile, has no parking problems, is good for health. A cycling city is suitable for everyone, but first of all for those who pedal. In addition, compared to the previous edition of the Tartaruga Trophy, all means of transport have reduced journey times, thanks to more clear and decongested roads. Thanks to Area C Milan is faster ”.


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