Tricló, free wheeling deliveries

Home deliveries without excluding kilometers and strictly a zero impact! This is the philosophy of Tricló: using pedal tricycles, deliveries and collections are made in the center of the city of Padua, including restricted traffic areas.

We have already talked about pony express cycling but we have not told you how fast this phenomenon is growing. The experience of deliveries on pedals is strengthened by the tests carried out in various European cities such as Geneva, London, Paris, Brussels and Barcelona. In Italy similar services have developed in various areas, especially in Venice, Milan and Padua, it is precisely here that it is possible to spot the Tricló.

The tendency to carry out zero impact deliveries, using eco-friendly vehicles, it is so well underway that it has become a cult in various Italian locations, not least Padua, where the company PostEX srl is distributing clean vehicles for the deliveries of national couriers. While in Naples it is difficult to start the City4Bike project, in Padua the Triclor it's a reality that reaches everywhere, in the city center and in the province. Born to offer one ecological distribution and functional that goes beyond restricted traffic areas.

To reduce pollution in urban centers, the various administrations are trying to create pedestrian areas that do not allow access to polluting vehicles, so, in Padua, where a simple courier cannot arrive, the Triclor which in addition to improving citizens' air quality, promotes commercial activities with deliveries and goods collection.

The growing phenomenon of zero impact deliveries could support the campaigns of Fiab, Legambiente and Città by bike to raise public awareness indirectly and relaunch the use of bicycles and other clean vehicles.

The promotional video of Triclò

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