Ferrari becomes Hybrid

The future of Ferrari is hybrid, the Italian carmaker has announced that future productions will be equipped with green technology without making tragic compromises on the engine layout. The target Ferrari is to cut CO2 emissions and will do so with the model V12. The hybrid model will be the first of a new generation of Ferrari V12.

It is believed that hybrid technology can negatively affect engine performance and vehicle aesthetics. Amedeo Felisa, responsible Ferrari. The technology that will equip the Ferrari V12 hybrid will be developed ad hoc to ensure low CO2 emissions while maintaining the current model. Amedeo Felisa is not unbalanced on timing but says that green technology will most likely be in all cars Ferrari. The mysterious sustainable technology that the Italian car manufacturer will rely on is able to satisfy the whole family Ferrari.


We talk about "future automotive architecture"But also a"green technology as standard‚ÄĚThat will accompany each Ferrari because as Amedeo Felisa states to Autocar's English colleagues, "This technology is not the kind of thing you can offer as an option". As for prices, the market favors it Sustainable Development therefore, there will soon be a drop in prices due to the evolution of green technologies, so we should not expect big price changes between current models of Ferrari and the hybrids to come.

The company has already experimented hybrid engines with the 2010 HY-KERS, Ferrari 599 GTB which, with its electric motor, managed to reach 160 km / h in 7.4 seconds. What awaits us for the Ferrari V12 it will be even better. There Ferrari is working to reduce CO2 emissions and is considering adopting a six-cylinder. The world is changing with a strong sustainable push and luckily also there Ferrari changes with it.


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