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Lawnmower, which one to choose

Periodically you can call a gardener, or you can buy one lawnmower and proceed with this procedure yourself. For the turf, cutting is one of the most important jobs. The lawn mower it serves to keep the height of the grass low but also to improve its aesthetic appearance. In case you need to replace your old lawn mower or buy a new one, we will give you some tips on which lawn mower to choose.

Cutting the grass stimulates the growth of grasses making them more comfortable to walk on, more beautiful to the eye and above all denser, so as to avoid the growth of weeds. Cutting, if carried out with a certain frequency, does not allow the infesting vegetation to expand: if in autumn and winter the lawn is cut little, this work will have to increase in frequency in the months in which the exposure to light is greater and consequently the turf will grow faster.

Lawnmower: rotating blade, helical blade, mulching cut. Which lawnmower to choose?

When you buy a lawnmower it is good to buy it according to your needs, perhaps starting from the type of turf you have in the garden. At the time of purchase, tell the retailer which herb you have. Usually, the turf constituted by the species of the genus Lolium or Festuca, is kept with a height of 3.5 cm, while, for the finer grasses such as Agrostis and Poa, the cutting height is + 1.5 maximum 3 cm. Thus you will know that for the species belonging to the genera Lolium and Festuca, the lawn mower will have to mount a rotating blade.

THE lawn mower with rotating blade are the most popular because they are cheap and easy to handle. They are very simple to use and are used as a hobby so it is not recommended if you have a fine turf. The fine lawns are made up of thin grasses, for example belonging to the aforementioned genera Agrostis and Poa. In this case the lawn mower it must be equipped with helical blades. It is good to keep in mind that if you buy a lawnmower with helical blade, you will have to do more manpower work: the lawnmower with helical blade it is not suitable for mowing lawns that are too high, in fact your carpet must never exceed 2-3 cm in height. If you have a fine carpet, with fine grass you should choose one lawnmower with helical blade only if you will use it with more frequent cuts.

THE lawn mower with a helical blade they often carry a collector capable of conveying the cut grass and avoiding post-cutting work. The post-cutting work consists in gently raking the turf to collect and eliminate all the cut grass. This option is not present if a lawnmower “Backpack”, like the one with a rotating blade.

To avoid the work of collecting and eliminating cut grass, they are available on the market lawn mower with "mulching cut", in this case, the cut finely chops the grass stalks that can be left on the same lawn because, being very small, they will degrade quickly, turning into humus for your lawn. Very small grass residues will be more available to the action of various microorganisms.

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