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Ignacia, sustainable architecture

With green building, there is an increasing spread ofsustainable architecture with smart and innovative homes that reach the top with the self-sufficient houses that is, that reduce energy expenditure to a minimum and independently produce the energy to meet their needs. To be clear, the self-sufficient house perfect is the one that eliminates the cost of the bill.

L'modern architecture has taken on new dimensions as planners and construction engineers seek to build increasingly self-sufficient homes and apartments. While large projects may not be able to incorporate everything needed to actually set up a building self-sufficient, the small changes ensure a contribution in reducing the ecological footprint of a structure.

Ignacia Apartments”Is an example of contemporary design and sustainable, designed by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani. L'modern architecture collects four apartments, one for each sector of the structure. The apartments have been designed to facilitate the entry of sunlight by minimizing the need for electricity for lighting. The entire building is well ventilated, even in this case the choice was moved by the need to minimize the use of the air conditioner. The skilful use of space also minimizes the energy expenditure associated with heating, thanks to a good degree of thermal insulation.

The building is divided into four structures, each of which houses an apartment. Each apartment consists of three floors. The entire building is equipped with a large terrace with swimming pool. The partition walls make the architecture more interesting and create panoramic views in almost all the rooms. The four apartments have been individually designed, no element is identical so as to accommodate users according to their needs. This means that the "Ignacia" apartments do not waste unnecessary space because each square meter will be adapted to the needs of the inhabitant.

On the roofs of the apartments there is no shortage solar panels that generate energy to integrate the energy needs of the entire building and their occupants. To maximize the thermal gradient and the lighting are the straight lines of the architecture that extend both vertically and horizontally.

Observing the designer's entire building Gonzalo Mardones Viviani, what immediately catches the eye are the white walls. These have been painted in a bright white so that they can reflect light, reducing the need for lighting but above all lowering the need for fresh air: white roofs do not retain heat.

The area used by the building is only 2,670 square meters and each apartment measures between 400 and 500 square meters, it takes little space for smart apartments and self-sufficient houses. Gonzalo Mardones Viviani is famous for other sustainable and innovative projects, such as the Fire Station in Santiago, the Police Museum in Chile and the 34 houses that provide accommodation in Santiago.

Video: How Architecture Affects our Daily Lives. Ignacio Hui. [email protected] (October 2020).