Zafira, the Methane Opel

Opel, just like Fiat, is aiming for LPG and CNG to solve the problem of expensive petrol. This is how Opel presents its Zafira 1.6 ecoM, themethane car which offers the pilot the opportunity to save on fuel and reduce their harmful emissions related to mobility.

L'Opel Zafira 1.6 ecoM is able to significantly reduce harmful emissions thanks to a practical environmentally friendly engine capable of guaranteeing a reduction in the production of nitrogen oxides by 80% compared to diesel vehicles and 20% compared to petrol cars.

Not only reduction of emissions but also guaranteed savings: with 5.2 kg of methane you can travel 100 kilometers. The engine ofOpel Zafira 1.6 ecoM is a 1.600 with 94 hp. It should not be underestimated that the Zafira model is a minivan with seven seats as standard, perfect for large families or those who want to share their car, perhaps to accompany the children of the neighborhood to school.

The Opel Zafira has become famous in the automotive sector for its ability to go from seven to two seats in just 15 seconds, without having to disassemble anything but using the Flex7 system. With the model a methane the high functionality of the vehicle will be combined with environmental sustainability and fuel savings.


There Zafira offers a wide choice of accessories and customizations and the 1.6 ecoM a methane ensures low emissions and maximum driving pleasure with reduced running costs. It is equipped with five compartments for objects, large surfaces or windows with the panoramic skyflex roof that increases the light throughout the passenger compartment.

The slogan ofmethane car signed Opel emphasizes the ecological heart of the Eco line: The environment is our business. But also yours ". Each of us can make a difference, choose amethane car helps reduce harmful emissions related to transport.

Video: Opel Zafira vs. VW Touran (October 2020).