The sun at school, incentives of 3 million euros

If all public schools in Italy fed on renewables, how many harmful emissions would be saved? The City of Rome alone would decrease its negative impact by 132,500 tons of carbon dioxide. To finance the preparation of photovoltaic roofs the state takes care of it.

The second edition of the call was published on March 20 in the Official Gazette "The sun at school". The initiative aims to encourage the dissemination of the installation ofphotovoltaic panelson school buildings in order to raise awareness among new generations about energy saving. Sustainability education is only one of the purposes, the photovoltaic systems mounted on school roofs, they will bring a massive reduction in harmful emissions.

The call, promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, makes 3 million euros available to cover 100% of the eligible cost, with a maximum limit of 40,000 euros per school building. Each school will be able to make proposals to request a contribution granted by the ministry up to a maximum limit of 40 thousand euros per school building, for a coverage equal to 100% of the admissible cost and no charges to be borne by local authorities.

The call, which provides for the involvement of about 1000 public schools, is aimed at all those municipalities that host school buildings such as elementary schools, middle schools and high schools on their territory. Projects presented by buildings already financed through previous ministerial calls will not be taken into consideration.

The first edition of "The sun at school"Had economic coverage three times higher than the current one (9 million and 700 thousand euros, against the 3 million expected for this year), the decision to propose the project is still positive, also considering the massive adhesion to the last call. In the last edition there was a notable participation in Sicily, Lazio, Abruzzo, Calabria and Campania with the participation of over 1,300 schools: about 800 approved interventions, 500 of which were completed. The project has already been embraced by the Roman schools that will reduce them in the coming years CO2 emissions of 132,500 tons.

It should be noted that the data on renewable are comforting: just think that in the last year there has been an increase of over 50% in investments in renewables compared to the previous year in Italy. The main objective of the project "The sun at school”Is to show students how it is possible to resort to renewablesfor the production of the energy necessary to carry out school activities: in recent years the expenditure of energy in schools has increased due to the use of computers and electronic tools.

It will be possible to illuminate the classrooms thanks to the energy coming from the sun, thus reducing its impact on the planet in view of a greener future. The full text of the second call, with all the practical information to apply for funding, is available on the website of the Ministry of the Environment or can be downloaded by clicking here.

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