Wind power

Energy revolution: wind in Germany

While in Italy it is manifesting itself to counter the spread of turbines, the German energy plan will be based onwind energy; the purpose of the country is a 100% green commitment. The wind farms planned for Germany, will cover an area equal to six times the city of New York.

The announcement was made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and was described as the most important energy project of the last seventy years. The spearhead of the German energy plan will be thewind energy with parks that will cover an area six times larger than that of New York City. The enormity of the project is not tangible only by observing the floor plan of the wind farms, the power lines built are so long that they can cover the distance between Baghdad and London.

The program with gargantuan characteristics has an estimated total cost of around 200 billion euros. We recall that 17 are still active in Germany nuclear reactors but that the government plan provides for a progressive deactivation in favor ofrenewable energy. The wind plan will support other energy projects in the name of sustainability, among the most commendable we point out the energy trio where Germany exploits thewind energy, hydrogen and biogas for energy supply.

To support the country in the green turning point, there could only be the world leader in the sector. There General Electric, where CEO Stephan Reimel compares Germany to a large energy laboratory and adds “The country has the political and social consensus for the deactivation of nuclear power plants, but there is still a clear solution that guarantees the transition to clean technologies ".

In the ranking drawn up by Ewea, forwind energy, Germany had placed fifth; with this turning point, Germany will soon be at the top of the list of countries with the largest number of new wind farms built. The energy revolution that Germany wants to undertake is demanding and expensive, but necessary if the country wants to replace the energy of the 17 nuclear reactors with electricity from renewable sources.

edited by Anna De Simone

Video: Germanys Energiewende - the energy revolution - up close. (October 2020).