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Milan Expo 2015 to relaunch Italy in Europe

The Milan Expo 2015 it will not just relaunch the local economy of the city of Milan, it will be the ideal opportunity to redeem the face of Italy from the eye of Europe and the entire globe. The first meeting between the commission Expo SpA, the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia and the delegates of the European Parliament is promising.

Milanese companies are showing an ever-growing interest in Milan Expo 2015, to prove this are the surveys conducted by Chamber of Commerce of Milan. Not only local entrepreneurs are motivated to take part in theExpo, adhesions come from all over the world and already in the first quarter of 2012 there are 76 countries that have made official their presence at the International Exhibition to be held from May to October 2015.

The first meeting that brought together the mayor of Milan, the heads of Expo SpA and the delegates of the European Parliament was held on Wednesday 21 March. The European Union must come aboard the organization Expo and both the Expo SpA commission and the European Parliament are evaluating their mutual interests to create a synergistic cooperation.

The Chief Executive Officer Giuseppe Sala underlined the importance of the entry of the European Union. Until now, the role of the European Union in Milan Expo 2015 has not been well defined and apparently the time has come. With the European Union, the aim is not only to maximize the internationality ofExpo 2015 but we also think about the well-being of the city: the CEO Giuseppe Sala highlighted another central point that involves the whole city of Milan with the transport sector.

Milan and Northern Italy could use the occasion ofExpo 2015 to improve its infrastructures with the upgrading of roads, highways and railways. The Milan Expo 2015 is gradually becoming a reference point for Italy, a "milestone" as the Mayor Giuliano Pisapia defined it. With these assumptions, Italy could redeem itself and relaunch its image, especially during a period of economic crisis where many figures in the political world have compared the Italian situation to that of Greece, a nation that, in the European panorama, lives on a razor's edge. .

edited by Anna De Simone

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