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Organic Easter Egg

You know if yours Easter egg is it pure? That is, if it is only present cocoa butter or other vegetable fats such as palm oil? Better to choose chocolate without added or adulterated fats, both for the caloric surplus they bring and for the health of those who eat it. This is why it is better to choose a organic easter egg.

Lately, the attention of consumers towards environmental sustainability it is increasingly accentuated both as regards the origin of the food that is put on the table, and as regards the disposal and recycling of the packages.

Around Easter give away eggs sustainable chocolate it can become an opportunity for a fairer and more environmentally friendly economy. In 2011 the confectionery company Giampaoli, produced the first organic Easter egg and ecological. 100% sustainable and genuine. For Easter 2012 the company has re-proposed theorganic egg.

The ingredients? Cocoa mass, cane sugar and cocoa butter with organic certification at 100%. Nothing is left to chance, even the wrapping, the labels, the surprises contained inside, the egg supports and the external packaging for transport from the producer to the distributor, all totally ecological and recyclable.

This year also the company Other market wanted to make its contribution to the protection of the planet by engaging in the sale of organic Easter eggs. They are called "New world"And are made with ingredients grown according to the dictates of organic farming. They contain cocoa from the Dominican Republic and the cane sugar comes from Paraguay.

Inside the egg there are also surprises (games, harp and puppets) made with natural materials such as wood, papier-mâché and cotton and are certified according to CE regulations. The paper where the egg is wrapped are in organic colored silk paper hand-made by the artisans of Mcc (Mennonite Central Committee) in Bangladesh, who use the waste of silk production.

Here are the costs:
Organic egg Altromercato milk chocolate - 200 g - € 7.90
Organic egg Altromercato milk chocolate - 270 g - € 9.90

We can find them in almost all supermarket chains and if you really don't want to buy one organic Easter egg we pay attention to the labeling: the indication "fine or very fine chocolate " provides at least 43% cocoa while if you buy a chocolate egg with the indication "common chocolate", you are buying a poor quality product that contains a percentage of about 25% cocoa.

Another organic Easter egg comes from a farmers' association in Ecuador, whose transformation is entrusted to the first Italian company that is totally fair trade, the Equoland.

They are 200 gram chocolate eggs, they cost 8 euros and part of the proceeds will be used to support the project of the “Solidarity workshop From all countries“, Which offers job opportunities to women in situations of social hardship.

The organic eggs of the company Mandrile & Melis from Fossano, instead, they will be used to finance an annual "Together for India" project for the Grihini School in Bhalki and to build a well to provide drinking water to the children of Kalvarayan Hill.

edited by Anna De Simone

Video: ECO BOOST - ORGANIC EASTER EGGS. Kate Arnell (October 2020).