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Brixia Florum: spring returns to Brescia

Brescia inebriates its historic center thanks to sweet scents, a welcome scent of the coming spring. There Brixia Florum market exhibition with a double appointment, scheduled for Saturday 24 March and Sunday 15 April, opens to the public an exhibition that designs an explosion of colors and scents.

The event, together with Fiori nella Rocca, has now become an appointment for the city of Brescia and for those with a green thumb. Is yours blackened? Excellent reason to greet the return of summer by diving into the aroma of flowers and inaugurate the year by giving you the wonderful encounter with the fruits of the Earth. You can start adopting a plant, perhaps easy to manage: thanks to the targeted advice of the associations present on site and a pinch of love you can immerse yourself in a green adventure, discovering the pleasures and the incredible sense of peace that comes from knowing how to take care of the green universe that we surrounds, of a garden or a small vegetable garden.

Brixia Florum will be held on Saturday 24 March in Corso Garibaldi and Sunday 15 April in Corso Zanardelli, in the historic center of Brescia, where, sun permitting, you can explore this ancient city, letting yourself be fascinated by the sense of color. Protagonists are flowers and plants of the first blooms of the season and of course the new varieties currently in the sights of botanists and experts: orchids, succulents and cacti, geraniums, bulbs and specimens of Nemesia, a very colorful and intoxicating perennial plant due to its intense scent.

On Saturday 24 March it will be possible to participate in three free meetings with some specialists in the sector: at 10 a round table Shrubs and pruning techniques with Silvano Torri he will illustrate the best ways to start a complex process such as pruning in the best possible way, while, at 3 pm, In the name of the rose, together with Marco Mazza of Castello Quistini, intends to reveal the techniques and secrets of the famous flower. And finally, at 5 pm appointment with the debate The soil, types and techniques of use with Sebastiano Guarisco.
The goal of Brixia Florum? Creating a culture of green, which brings us closer to the knowledge and passions that once made man a profound connoisseur of nature: this adventure, in small steps, is a possible horizon.

Curated by Maddalena De Bernardi

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