Wind power

WindTulip between aesthetics and wind energy

In the renewable energy landscape, thewind energy it is the lowest cost one and is often seen as the solution to the energy crisis. Unfortunately, like most technologies, it has a downside with negative implications: an unsightly impact on landscape assets, low efficiency and the threat to birdlife.

This is why bladeless wind turbines and structures destined to be allocated in the open sea with floating wind turbines, present off the coast of Portugal, have been developed and spread.

To resolve the negative impact that the wind sector on the environment, planners and designers from all over the world are working on new projects. Among these, noteworthy is the "WindTulip", a wind turbine that focuses on aesthetics without forgetting efficiency. The wind turbines they are huge. The mini wind is not very widespread so a Turkish industrial designer, created the Windtulip, uses a tool that uses thewind energy by means of a turbine with a vertical axis with a particular structure.


The structure is aesthetically appealing and can be used in parks all over the world, attached to street lamps for street lighting. In fact the WindTulip is a turbine that uses an LED system that optimizes the energy collected from the wind. The energy power is transmitted to a transformer and finally to the batteries.

Another limit of the mass diffusion ofwind energy, it is not only the dimensions but also the presence of cables that disappear completely with the WIndTulip. An avenue can be illuminated all night without the need for electrical wires and above all without the need for electricity from coal-fired power plants. The street lamp produces its energy autonomously, works day and night, picking up every breath of wind.

The LEDs are installed along the whole body of the WindTulip which is then covered by a transparent sheath. The turbine extends upwards with a steel stand and ends with a zinc alloy. The rotating blades are made of aluminum so as to be lighter. Even if through the WindTulip, thewind energy it will not be able to meet all our energy needs - heating, air conditioning ... - it will at least be able to provide lighting with a completely green system.

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